Potter, Gaga, Facebook on This Week’s Top 20 Facebook Pages

Assorted types of entertainment-related Pages took over our list of Top 20 Facebook Pages this week. Everything from fantasy movies to musicians to soccer stars and SpongeBob SquarePants was on our list this week. It took between 1.2 million and 592,000 new fans to make the list this week.

The statistics used to count the number of fans added to each Page were gathered from our PageData tool.

Top Gainers This Week

Name Fans Gain Gain, %
1. Harry Potter 1,267,502 +1,232,725 +3,544.66
2. Lady Gaga 10,425,332 +1,153,117 +12.44
3. Facebook 12,542,572 +1,131,893 +9.92
4. Michael Jackson 14,634,326 +1,079,729 +7.97
5. The Twilight Saga 8,947,263 +1,047,070 +13.25
6. Family Guy 11,715,095 +1,046,100 +9.81
7. Cristiano Ronaldo 7,735,834 +1,045,592 +15.63
8. Tyler Perry 2,497,530 +857,632 +52.30
9. House 9,313,783 +850,979 +10.06
10. Vin Diesel 10,933,539 +834,701 +8.27
11. Starbucks 9,839,151 +779,661 +8.61
12. Eminem 5,539,299 +764,544 +16.01
13. Justin Bieber 7,135,030 +743,167 +11.63
14. Linkin Park 7,672,246 +719,249 +10.34
15. Taylor Swift 6,881,058 +689,831 +11.14
16. SpongeBob SquarePants 4,797,023 +683,967 +16.63
17. Shakira 4,410,179 +659,725 +17.59
18. Barack Obama 10,471,764 +653,641 +6.66
19. Red Bull 5,959,803 +604,662 +11.29
20. Megan Fox 8,350,152 +591,736 +7.63

Topping the list was “Harry Potter,” adding most of its 1.26 million fans in the past week with the addition of 1.23 million. Another film geared towards younger audiences, “The Twilight Saga” took fifth place on the list, adding 1 million fans to grow to 8.9 million; the latest installment of the franchise, “Eclipse,” recently debuted in theaters.

A few big name brands made the list this week. Facebook’s Page came in third, adding 1.1 million fans to grow to 12.5 million. Starbucks at 11, adding 779,700 fans to grow to 9.8 million and Red Bull at number 19 with the addition of 604,700 fans to the Page’s 5.9 million.

There were television shows, too. “Family Guy” came in sixth, adding over 1 million fans to a base of more than 11.7 million; the popular show was recently nominated for an Emmy award. Medical drama “House” took ninth place, adding 851,000 fans to get the Page to 9.3 million; this show was also nominated for Emmys. Then there was the cartoon “SpongeBob SquarePants,” which took sixteenth place, adding 684,000 fans to come in at a 4.7 million total.

Musicians made up about a third of the list this week.

Lady Gaga came in second place, adding 1.1 million fans to round out a 10.4 million fan base; she’s on tour and has appeared on television shows. Michael Jackson’s Page took fourth place, adding 1 million fans to grow to 14.6 million total fans. Then there was rapper Eminem in twelfth place, adding 764,500 fans, growing the Page to 5.5 million; he’s been promoting a recently released album.

Justin Bieber followed at number 13, adding 743,200 fans to his current batch of 7.1 million fans; the teen crooner has been promoting singles, music videos and touring. Linkin Park followed in fourteenth place, with 719,300 new fans on a Page of 7.6 million; growth seems partly attributable to the beginnings of promotion for an album to be released in the fall. Taylor Swift came in at 15, adding 689,800 fans to come out with 6.8 million. Finally, singer Shakira took number 17, adding 659,700 new fans to a Page of 4.4 million, probably mostly due to being the author of the official FIFA World Cup song.

About a fourth of the list this week was composed of famous people who aren’t named Lady Gaga.

Portuguese football star and hunk Cristiano Ronaldo took seventh place, adding 1 million fans to grow his Page to 7.7 million. He’s had a busy few weeks, playing in the World Cup, announcing the birth of a son and starring in Armani underwear ads. American playwright/actor/moviemaker Tyler Perry appeared on the list this week at number 8, adding 857,600 fans to a total of 2.4 million; there were huge jumps of several hundred thousand on July 8 and 9, hinting at an official Page consolidation.

Jack-of-all-trades Vin Diesel came in at tenth place, adding 834,700 fans to come in just under 11 million this week; he recently announced plans for a new movie production. President Barack Obama added 653,600 fans to his official Page, growing it to 10.4 million and starlet Megan Fox rounded out the list at number 20 with steady growth, adding 591,700 fans to surpass 8.3 million.