Potluck is a New Social Network That Encourages Sharing and Discovering Links

Some of the best things on Facebook are actually links to other websites. At least, that’s the component of social network that the makers of Potluck are hoping to ignite. The new social network is going mobile re-framing social engagement through discovery. Think Pinterest but just links.

Potluck takes the performance out of sharing by making it more personal and less stressful. On most social networks, you’re under constant pressure to live up to expectations… On Potluck, we reduced this anxiety by taking the emphasis off of individual people and placing it on the common interests that bring them together. In your Friend Activity feed, the default view, you’ll notice that items don’t tell you who shared them — there are no names and no avatars.

It’s too early to tell but I think the lack of avatars quite refreshing. According to Potluck’s founders, approximately 50% of users returned in their second week to the testing site. If there’s enough traction, it might be fertile ground for serendipitous browsing.