Potential Preview of Michelle Obama’s Election Night Wardrobe by Maria Pinto


We honestly have no idea how you are paying attention to anything other than politics right now, as we’ve been finding it nearly impossible to get anywhere near a computer lately without somehow losing two to three hours to poll analysis and an endless array of blogs. But we have always believed that you are far better people than we and we certainly admire your desire for design. So first up, we thought we’d talk about politics. But wait, no, this has a design angle to it, we promise. Remember back in August when we talked about fashion designer Maria Pinto, one of Michelle Obama‘s favorite local designers (she wore a dress of hers for her Convention speech). The Wall Street Journal has caught back up with Pinto to check in on how she’s dealing with her sudden rise to stardom and the retail boom that followed Mrs. Obama’s big appearance back in August. Also, a sneak peek at what Michelle might wear at the big Chicago rally on Tuesday, which this writer has found himself suddenly fortunate enough to attend and will hopefully see in person:

For Tuesday, Ms. Pinto has a dress in mind that she hopes Ms. Obama will wear. The dress, a coral-red silk crepe sheath with three-quarter sleeves, an empire waist and a high neckline with a burst of sunray pleats emanating from the collar, is a piece that Ms. Obama bought a few months ago but hasn’t worn to an event yet. “I love her in clean colors, striking shapes,” she says. And while Ms. Pinto says she doesn’t want to think too far ahead, she says she’s already begun sketching an Inaugural Day look in her head. “Something bright in color, with some movement,” says Ms. Pinto, declining to share more beyond that. “I just did costumes for the Joffrey (Ballet) so I have dance on the brain.”