PostRank Debuts New Analytics for Facebook

PostRank has unveiled an analytics application promising to automate publishing of RSS content and analyze comments and likes of posts on Facebook.

PostRank has unveiled an analytics application promising to solve two problems at once, specifically:

Automate the publishing of your new RSS content to any Facebook Wall or Fan page. Simply tell us which pages you want to see your new content published to, and PostRank will take care of the rest!

Once published, PostRank will gather detailed analytics on who commented & liked your content on Facebook.

To get the application, visit PostRank’s page on Facebook or website. If you’ve never used PostRank at all, you’ll see a couple options to try it free once you create an account. Even if you already have an account — Facebook counts 586 monthly users of the application as I write this — you’ll also see options to give the analytics a try for 30 days before having to pay for it.

If you’ve got a PostRank Analytics account, already, go to the “edit settings” tab within any of the your online properties registered with PostRank, and you’ll see a new section labeled “Facebook Publishing & Analytics.” That will ask you to authenticate PostRank with Facebook. You’ll be shown instructions and asked which of your pages to allow PostRank to publish automatically to on your behalf. You can include Twitter in your account, as well.

Once you set that up, any time you post new content on your site, PostRank will automatically push corresponding updates to Facebook and gather metrics about your content. The free trial version of the service purports to have all of the same features as the paid versions, which price at $15 a month for five sites, a tier that the developer calls Personal, or $500 a month for up to 200 sites, which PostRank calls Agency.

The $15 a month version looks just like the perpetually free version called Influencer, and in fact, PostRank spells out the question, what’s the difference between Influencer and Personal, although the answer still leaves me scratching my head:

The only difference is that when you sign up for PostRank Connect to develop relationships with brands and agencies that want your input, you get a permanently free PostRank Analytics account to help you track your content’s performance, engage with your audience, and grow your influence.

Huh? It’s clear that if you have more than five sites, the Agency level of service makes sense. But why should anyone with five or fewer sites pay for the $15 a month Personal version? Is Influencer actually the 30-day trial that converts to a paid version when PostRank charges the credit-card information you have to cough up when you join in the first place? I guess I’ll have the answers to this question about a month from now.

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