PostRank Analyzes Sharing of Content from Large Agencies

PostRank, an Ontario, Canada-based company that measures and monitors social Web data, has taken a closer look at how much content from large PR firms was shared across Delicious, Twitter, Facebook, comments, and trackbacks during the month of February.

Overall, Edelman comes out on top with 1,766 total actions taken by people online. The firm also topped the Twitter column with 1,490 sharing instances.

Update after the jump.

Ogilvy comes in at number two with 1,675 actions taken overall, and Burson-Marsteller at number three with 550. Ogilvy managed to generate the most comments (132) and the most activity on Delicious (153) and highest number of trackbacks (80).

Also on the list are Weber Shandwick, Porter Novelli, and Hill & Knowlton.

We’re curious about how this data might change in another month, so we’ve contacted PostRank for a little more detail. When we have more info, we’ll be sure to update.

Update: Melanie Baker, PostRank’s community manager, got back to us with a little more information about this list.

The company did conduct its analysis in January and both Edelman and Ogilvy held on to the two top spots with Hill & Knowlton in third and B-M in fourth. PostRank will be doing this analysis in March as well.

Baker writes in an email that if there’s consistency in the rankings, a large but temporary spike in activity for one firm, or a long-term change that comes about gradually would shift the order.

“Obviously agencies are more focused on getting attention for their clients than for themselves, but, of course, doing great work tends to bring various kinds of attention, so by extension, consistently great results for clients would result in an increase over time in attention and mentions for the agency, too,” she said in an email.