Postmedia Slashes Editing Jobs in Canada

We’re not the only ones feeling the crunch of the economy. Our neighbors to the north are feeling it, too.

At meetings held yesterday, according to Poynter, the largest newspaper publish in Canada indicated they’re cutting editing jobs at several of its city dailies. Postmedia Network also announced it will stop printing paper editions on specific days

This isn’t unlike the announcement made from the Denver Post to reduce the number of copy editors and the New Orleans newspaper, Times-Picayune, which stopped printing editions on certain days, as pointed out in the piece. So the question is this: Is “dailies” an antiquated term?

According to its Web site, Postmedia hasn’t issued an official statement yet but as per Poynter, Calgary, Edmonton and Ottawa will no longer have papers published on Sundays. Interestingly enough, in Canada the Sunday newspaper isn’t that big compared to its largest edition of the week on Saturdays.

Postmedia is cutting its newsroom head count as well apparently to centralize their production to one facility in Hamilton, Ontario.

Poynter points out the company memo, “While the changes we have been making are about creating the company we need to be, it also means changing the way we have done many things in the past. While some areas are expanding, some roles across our operations will be eliminated.”