Posting to Profile Proving to be Important Viral Channel for App Developers

When Facebook launched the redesigned home page a month ago, it gave applications more prominence on the home page than they had ever had before. Now, all application content shared by users through feed forms (i.e. “posting to profile”) shows up in the home page stream, which has led to faster viral growth for many applications.

Shortly after the redesign launched, the Facebook Platform saw a resurgence of quiz applications from app developers familiar with the aggressive tactics needed to rapidly grow within the Facebook Platform. However, as expected, most of these quiz applications have begun to subside as Facebook tweaked the stream and the Platform has started moving toward a new equilibrium.

Nevertheless, while the quiz craze may be subsiding, other developers are finding that the “post to profile” + distribution through the home page stream is a powerful viral channel for their applications. Let’s take a look at the 15 applications that have grown the most in the last 7 days, according to AppData:

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain, % Developer
2.Sketch Me4,570,018+1,760,369+62.7Fendoo
3.Online Friends1,355,623+994,428+275.3Jose Dos Santos
4.The True Age Test4,083,198+919,007+29.0Quiz Monster
5.Super Wall18,229,495+853,740+4.9RockYou!
6.Name Generators1,791,660+715,172+66.4Quizopolis
7.We’re Related15,620,712+661,
8.What is Your Actual Age?3,205,021+547,297+20.6Quiz Monster
9.Which TV Mom are You?999,968+539,520+117.2Michelle Buell
10.Pet Society9,874,757+468,255+5.0Playfish
11.Texas HoldEm Poker11,708,301+385,897+3.4Zynga
12.Where Should You Be Living?1,176,735+363,583+44.7
13.Street Racing2,698,146+359,446+15.4Zynga
14.What color are you?1,232,658+352,927+40.1
15.Birthday Cards6,863,508+335,917+5.2RockYou!

As you can see, LivingSocial, which grew from 2 million to 10 million monthly active users during the last week in March, has continued its climb as the fastest growing app on the Facebook Platform. Now, the app is reaching over 14 million monthly users, up 5 million in the last week.

Coming in at #2 is Sketch Me, a Facebook app which has been around for a long time that reoptimized its sharing behavior around posting to users’ profiles. Sketch Me has grown by over 60% in the last week to over 4.5 million monthly active users.

Also growing this week are many apps from top app and game developers also taking advantage of the post to profile viral channel – Pet Society from Playfish, Texas HoldEm and Street Racing from Zynga, and Super Wall and Birthday Cards from RockYou.

Many quiz apps are continuing to do well on Facebook, and it’s likely that quizzes will always do well on social networks. Any application that fits will with Facebook’s new model of explicit sharing via feed forms on the profile has room to grow.