Can posting too many vacation photos on Facebook cause unfriending?


Those vacation photos you can’t help but post to your Facebook News Feed to prove how awesome your life is might make people unfriend you.

New data from CyberLink Corp. suggests that you might want to think twice before flooding your News Feed with those vacation photos. Your friends don’t like it and 34 percent of Americans polled in the survey would consider unfollowing or blocking friends on Facebook for posting too many holiday photos.

In an effort to uncover how crucial smartphones and technology have become to the American vacation experience, CyberLink commissioned research firm YouGov to study how enjoyment of a vacation is affected by the positive responses elicited by others on social media platforms – and influenced by the quality of the content being posted.

Alice H. Chang, CEO of CyberLink, said in a press release:

Our social news feeds are dominated by ‘gloating’ photos of friends and colleagues on holiday, and while capturing photos and sharing them on social media has become an integral part of the vacation experience – there is a way of doing so without annoying friends and family. They are a great source of enjoyment for the individual taking the photo, but are sometimes a point of irritation for friends back home and at work.

With nine in 10 (90 percent) Americans polled sharing vacation photos on Facebook, it is overwhelmingly the number one social platform where travelers share their holiday snapshots, more than three times than that of Instagram (28 percent), and more than four times that of Twitter (18 percent).

Additional key findings from the research:

When do American Facebook users edit or retake their vacation photos?

  • Crop photos to hide parts of their body they feel are unattractive (26%)
  • Crop so they are the main image (25%)
  • Add color effects/filters (33%)
  • Retake the shot at least once if they feel they are unsatisfactory (68%)
  • Edit photos to make themselves appear more attractive (13%)

How quickly do American Facebook users post pictures after returning?

  • Between 1-2 hours (11%)
  • Under 5 minutes (5%)
  • In 60 minutes or less (22%)

The types of photos Facebook users share while on vacation

  • Arriving at the airport (15%)
  • Hotel room (29%)
  • Self in sunglasses (19%)
  • Meals (27%)
  • Friends and family (75%)
  • A cocktail (17%)
  • View from window or balcony (51%)
  • The surrounding area/landscape (By the pool, beach, mountains, etc.) (72%)

Why Facebook users share photos

  • To make self seem more interesting (11%)
  • To get social media engagement, e.g. “likes” on Facebook (18%)
  • To make friends/family/co-workers jealous (8%)
  • To capture holiday moments (54%)
  • Due to enjoyment of sending photography (64%)
  • To show off photography skills (10%)
  • To update family/loved ones on whereabouts (61%)

Readers: How often do you share vacation photos on Facebook?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.