Postifier Uses Infrared Bluetooth Sensors to Notify You When You Have Snail Mail

If you are one of those rare creatures that receives postal mail every day, this Postifier mailbox device is not for you. It’s an infrared sensor that can detect light changes in your mailbox, indicating that you have new snail mail. As the makers say, it’s a great product if you live in extreme temperature or suffer from acute laziness.

If you’re not convinced, the makers of Postifier thinks it can also be useful for these circumstances:

  • Long driveways – save those walks back down the driveway or having to get out of your car to check your postbox.
  • When carrying heavy bags – save the hassle of having to put down your bags whilst trying to locate your postbox keys.
  • When you are inside your home and waiting for the post – you can go to the front door with your smartphone and you will know if the post has arrived (even more useful when its raining and you don’t fancy that walk outside in the cold).
  • For the elderly and those with mobility impairment – Prevent them making fruitless trips to check an empty Postbox.


Postifier comes with an app so you’ll always know when you get new mail. This app and product is slightly different than Outbox, a mailbox service that retrieves and scans all of your snail mail straight into your phone’s Outbox app.