Posties Go Wild For Pitt


(Photo Credit: Kevin Clark)

FishbowlDC has obtained these messages posted by Posties in the paper’s internal messaging system during Brad Pitt’s visit to the Post newsroom last Friday.

Can you guess which one is Gene Weingarten’s?

    –Would anyone disagree with me that in the last 30 minutes, the entire newsroom has forfeited its right to ever high-hat pop culture again?

    — as many a child has said to their parents: You guys are embarrassing me!

    — says the woman who passed RB’s office and then double backed on her way to her desk.

    — i’m not in the building, and yet even I am suffused with the glow of His presence via receipt of minute-by-minute accounts from various parties, attesting to the magnificent wonderfulness of the Coming, and the degree of their propinquity thereto.

    — no fair for all far-flung bureau reporters!!

    — i wouldn’t say that. I’m in kabul and I feel like i’m there…

    — he’s ugly, you ain’t missing nuthin’

    — Yeah, well, Clive Owen just showed up at the MoCo bureau, with ELEPHANTS!

But the best comes from Chuck Lane:

    Geez, it’s not like Peter Sarsgaard just walked in or something.

Howie Kurtz says:

    He was, in short, acting far more professionally than some of those around him.

    There was no sign of Angelina, whose presence might have endangered the publication of tomorrow’s paper.

One Postie told FishbowlDC: “Total Beatlemania hysteria going on. It’s kind of embarassing. This must be what it was like when Robert Redford was researching All the President’s Men.”