Posties Buying — And Clocking — Out

You may have seen the “goodbye columns” of both Al Crenshaw and Jerry Knight this weekend. That’s because, as we reported earlier, both took the Post’s generous buy out package.

(Also interesting to note Knight’s final advice:

    For me the issue is not whether to buy media stocks but whether to sell the Post stock that’s accumulated in my 401(k) account. By any objective standard, I own too much of my employer’s stock, which is the most common investing mistake most of us make. Post stock is outperforming its local peers primarily because of the company’s Kaplan education division, which now generates more revenue — and growth — than the newspaper. Analysts rate most of the local media stocks “hold,” and in the case of the Post stock, I think they’re right.

Howard Mortman weighs in on that advice here.)

Here’s an update version of The Buy Out List, as we understand it:

Al Crenshaw
Jerry Knight
Paul Blustein
Martha Hamilton
Tom Edsall
Al Kamen
Nancy McKeon
Robin Groom
Judy Havemann
Bobbye Pratt
Chip Crews
D’Vera Cohn
Benjamin Forgey
Caryle Murphy
Karlyn Barker
Glenn Frankel

Maybe Caroline Mayer?

In other Post-related departure news, Assistant Managing Editor Wendy Ross left the paper on Friday (unclear if she took the buy-out). Assistant Managing Editor, News Desk Ed Thiede said in a staff email, “She may be leaving the building today, but she will always be in our hearts.”

Post staff writer Serge Kovaleski is also leaving the Post for the New York Times.

And perhaps most interesting of all, we recently noticed the absence of Post metro reporter (and ASNE diversity writing award recipient) Phuong Ly, who just returned from her International Reporting Project fellowship . She resigned in early May (see her updated bio on her website here). We’ve heard different reasons for why she left (or “left” depending on your opinion), but Ly wrote us to give us her own version of events:

    I left the Post because I wanted to get better as a writer and focus on longer narrative stories on immigration and diversity issues.

And we’ll just mention this Post item because it’s cool:

Katharine Weymouth
, the Washington Post Company’s vice president of newspaper advertising is Tina Weymouth’s (bassist and vocalist for the Talking Heads and Tom Tom Club) niece.