Posterous Now Syncs Posts With Facebook Pages

Later this evening Posterous will announce the ability to automatically post feed stories to your Facebook Page every time you create a new post. So far the only tool that has been available is the Facebook Notes application which imports your blog feed. While you’ll need a Posterous account to sync with your Page, the site provides individuals and businesses with a great platform for posting content.

Included in each feed story will be some of the photos and text from the post that you’ve created. As Posterous states, “Due to the limitations of the Facebook platform, we’re unable to post to your page’s photo and video albums. Hopefully Facebook will support this in the near future!” I’m guessing that we’ll see tools in the future that integrate with WordPress, Tumblr, and other blogging platforms but as for now, this is the only application that appears to do this.

Automatically generating feed stories is immensely important for larger news organizations that churn out large numbers of articles at a time. While Posterous is not a platform for large organizations, this new feature will make it much easier to post to your Facebook Page quickly without thinking twice. Have you seen other tools to automatically generate feed stories from posts?

Will you be taking advantage of this new Posterous feature?

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