Post Your Secrets on Facebook

Post SecretWant to get something off your chest without anyone knowing who you are? The Post Secrets application has successfully mimicked the insanely popular blog, PostSecret. This is one idea that is easily transferable into a Facebook application. I think this application will become really popular. As of now there are only 171 people using the application but this will surely grow. Last night I browsed through a number of people’s secrets and some were quite entertaining. A few of them were directly ripped off of the PostSecret site, but many others were not. One of the best features is the feedback component. When someone leaves a secret, people can anonymously post feedback. Pretty cool! The only feature that I think should be added to this is the ability to post images. The PostSecret blog is known for the creativity of the people submitting postcards. They spend a fair amount of time doing the design. With this application there is only text. Aside from that, I think this is a great application and think it will turn out to be one of the more popular apps in the long-run. Who knows though, my predictions aren’t always the most accurate. If you want to post your own secrets to Facebook or want to read other people’s secrets, go grab the Post Secrets application.