Post: We Don’t Have a Bias

From today’s Washington Post chat with Larry Roberts, deputy assistant managing editor for investigations:

Question: A political investigation will help either the rightwing or the leftwing. At The Post, rightwing investigations–Whitewater, Vince Foster, Swift Boats, Dan Rather, etc., seen to get much more coverage than leftwing investigations–WMD, Downing Street Memo, senior level administration involvement in abuses at Guantanamo Abu grabe, and Rovegate…. How does the political slant of an investigation determine how much energy is invested? Is their an institutional presumption of administration credibility, while dismissing investigations of the administration as wild eyed “conspiracy” theories.

Larry Roberts: One of the hardest things to explain to people outside the newspaper is the lack of a political agenda in the kind of investigations we tackle. The Post’s goal is to explore and explain topics that have a key importance to public policy, to act as a watchdog on government and other institutions. What we choose to investigate isn’t based on who’s in power at the time or the efforts they undertake to block our work.

So glad that’s settled! Um, yea, because a reasoned explanation of the Post’s nonpartisan investigation techniques was all that was needed to stop the wingnuts from complaining.