Post: We Don’t Care What Kurtz Thinks

We’re still trying to figure out the logic behind the Post’s TV listings in Style, namely, their decision to include CNN’s listings but not FOXNews and MSNBC.

Do they select which channels to include based on ratings? Not so much. Consider: The Post does not include FOXNews, which was the 5th most watched cable channel during primetime in 2005. They do, however, include CNN (20th), TLC (25th), BET (27th) and Bravo (30th).

Our emails to relevant Posties have gone unreturned (does Howard Kurtz, who earlier recommended that the Post change their listings, not carry as much sway over there as we had imagined?). And we’ve heard tales from MSNBC and FOXNews employees about prior efforts to get the Post to include the news channels, which only resulted in them getting the hand.

One would think that they would listen to the advice of their own in-house media critic about which media outlets are appropriate to include in their listings. And you would also think that they do it simply to avoid the rath of FOXNews and MSNBC fans/bloggers, given their own experiences with passionate readers.

Let’s just put it this way: They better at the very least include MSNBC, or Chris Matthews may stick a mean note on the Post’s front door.