Why Now Is the Time for Your Brand to Start Posting Video on Twitter

Why Now Is the Time for Your Brand to Start Posting Video on Twitter
We might not all be cozying around a smartphone for family movie night, but mobile video is rising in popularity nonetheless. And Twitter’s latest announcement should motivate any brand that isn’t tweeting videos to fire up the digital camera.

The Wall Street Journal pointed out that Twitter’s new Chief Financial Officer Anthony Noto hinted to brands about changes coming to Twitter’s video offerings:

“In August, we will launch the beta version of our new promoted video offering which provides a way for high quality content producers and brands [to] easily upload, share and measure the distribution and effectiveness of their video content on Twitter.”

Twitter’s current video service, Amplify, allows big name brands and advertisers to push video clips out to interested followers. Many publishers are using it to tie social media content into their TV content.

But the new service sounds more like a self-serve video platform, possibly following in the footsteps of Twitter’s self-serve advertising platform. It might mean that smaller businesses could benefit from video in a big way.

If businesses are ignoring the power of video on social media, now would seem like the time to reverse that stance. The new product from Twitter might just encourage reluctant businesses to embrace video.

Still, nothing is set in stone, so we will have to wait for Twitter’s latest video service to launch sometime in August.

(Family smartphone image via Shutterstock)