Post Unveils “Style & Arts”

The Post unveiled its new “Style & Arts” section (combining — you guessed it — the paper’s weekend Style and Arts sections into one section). In addition, the section has an entirely different look.

Here are some other changes that we haven’t already reported:

-Style Invitational moves to Saturdays.
-Life is Short haikus — canceled! (Although Joel Achenbach says -“I bet it resurfaces somewhere eventually”)
-Bridge column will no longer run on Sundays (just M-F)
-Here & Now column – canceled!
-Recordings moved to an expanded Arts page on Tuesdays.

Achenbach has a thought:

    This is a fusion of the two, though if I had to take a stand on whether it’s more Stylish or more Artsy, I’d probably say more Artsy, because of the movie listings and the movie ads and the conspicuous absence of the Style Invitational (which has been moved to Saturdays).

Assistant Managing Editor, Style Deb Heard will host an online chat today at 2 p.m.