Post to a Tumblr or a Blog from Tweetie


Are you one of those people who have Tweetie 2 running on your iPhone all the time and tweeting dozens of times per day (you know who you are!). If so, you may find this information interesting…

If you
have a blog hosted by
have a tumblog on
have an iPhone
you have Tweetie 2
you can post directly to your blog or tumblog without ever leaving your Twitter iPhone app.

WordPress enabled posting from Tweetie 2 to a hosted blog…

Post and Read via Twitter API

…and Tumblr quickly followed suit to let you do the same with your tumblog.

Inspired by WordPress

I don’t have a hosted blog. But, I do have a tumblog. So, I configured Tweetie 2 and was able to see tumblogs I follow as well as post 140 character long (maximum) items to my tumblog.

Both Tumblr and WordPress have excellent free iPhone apps that let you post to your tumblog or blog (including self-hosted WordPress blogs). And, they don’t limit you to 140 characters. So, you should check out those apps first. But, if you live in your Twitter client and want to quickly preserve 140 characters of your wisdom, you now have a way to do so easily.

Via The iPhone Blog: WordPress and Tumblr show iPhone Tweetie and Twitterrific Not Just for Twitter Anymore