Post Reporter At Libby Trial

From a FishbowlDC reader:

    There was a Post reporter who was dismissed from Libby jury selection on Thursday. The Post reporter covering the case didn’t know her (she was young, late 20s…) with brown hair, white, works for the arts section. anyway she said some kind of disturbing things on the stand…below are a few zingers.

    When asked whether she would be able to not tell her boyfriend (who works at the post) about the trial she said it would be very difficult. “I’m a journalist. I’m a gossip. That’s what we do.”

    The reason she was dismissed was this statement:

    “I believe that cheney puts his business priorities over the good of the country and I don’t trust him or anyone else who is associated with him.”

>UPDATE: A Post reporter writes in to say the person excluded from the Libby jury is an editorial aide in a features section and not involved in national or political coverage.