Post: Plan For Potlucks

Harry Jaffe writes in his weekly column about how the Washington Post is dealing with the poor outlook for print newspapers. Although the Post has two big blessings (1, they still are primarily family-owned, and, 2, that family is the Grahams), it’s not immune from the need to be profitable.

He follows-up on the meeting earlier in the week where Exec Editor Len Downie told the staff no lay-offs, and also gets his hands on a memo to newsroom staffers explaining the new cost-cutting measures: including a curtailment of meals/drinks/entertainment involving only Post employees, a general cutback of express delivery services, and other minor changes. Our favorite? “Start planning now for cost-effective alternatives to Post-subsidized holiday gatherings, such as potluck parties. Food and beverages at staff meetings will be discontinued.”

A serious question here: How far will stopping Mark Leibovich from having drinks with Dana Milbank really get you in the cost-cutting department? It’ll take a lot of $15 Oya martinis to make up for covering Katrina and maintaining Ellen Knickmeyer and crew in Baghdad….