Post Not Alone In Gallaudet Faux Pas

Dr. Ralph Hanson explores how the media dealt with the recent Gallaudet story. It seems that the Washington Post is not the only organization that made the faux pas of “failing initially to caption or transcribe an audio interview with on its web site with the embattled new president of Gallaudet college.”

Hanson points out that NPR made the same mistake on a story “on how the FCC is giving a large number of permanent waivers to small TV broadcasters to the requirement that they close caption their programming.”

Hanson: “Yes, I realize that NPR does not routinely provide transcripts of their programs, and that the deaf community is interested in all news, not just news about the deaf. But it seems to me that they could put up a story that is all about deaf access to the media in an accessible form. Just saying.”