Canada’s PostMedia Rolls Out Marijuana Series

Full of U.S.-relevant insights.

Online, all six “O Cannabis” series pieces are available for binge reading. In print, they started circulating over the weekend via PostMedia’s various newspapers. Here for example is the Saturday front page of the company’s Toronto flagship:


With the legalization of recreational marijuana looming in Canada in 2017, and the proximity of the country to the U.S., there are all sorts of relevant and interesting passages for American readers. Here is just one, from “The Fame Game” article by Vancouver Sun reporter Denise Ryan, which examines celebrity-branded hemp products and leads with the partnership struck between Bob Marley’s daughter Cedella and a Seattle company:

Olivia Mannix, founder of Cannabrand, a Colorado-based company specializing in cannabis product branding, says they have made the stereotypes associated with pot smoking their first target.

That meant changing not just what the product looks like, but how it’s described. First, language will be cleansed of words with sticky, outdated associations. You won’t be calling it marijuana anymore, for example.

There is also a nifty online database-feature that allows readers to compare the incidence of marijuana-related criminal offenses in two respective Canadian provinces or cities.

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