Post Keeping Miami Beat

Several Post sources (and a few anonymous tipsters) told us that the water cooler chat over at the Post had the Post not replacing Peter Whoriskey in Miami.

Looks the paper is moving forward with the Miami beat:

    National News Opening
    Miami Bureau

    December 20, 2007

    With Peter Whoriskey’s move to Financial, we’re looking for a hard-charging reporter and graceful writer to cover the South. We’re seeking someone who will develop a strong enterprise agenda that complements our work in Washington, and who will dominate important breaking stories in the region, which rages from Louisiana to the Carolinas and south to Florida. Based in Miami, the position requires a combination of gifted writing and aggressive, fast-action reporting — the ability to chase a hurricane one week and then bore into an investigative piece the next. We also expect our national correspondents to help us produce strong enterprise on important social, cultural and political themes that give us a better sense of the world outside the Beltway. We’re eager to hear from all interested candidates.