Post iPhone 4S Winners & Losers?

Apple announced the new iPhone 4S yesterday. So, who are the winners and losers now that details about the next generation iPhone and associated services are known? Certainly, all the information about a curved glass iPhone 5 from “reliable sources” are in the loser camp for now. They may, however, eventually be proved correct (say sometime in 2012). Apple itself disappointed those who were expecting yet another revolutionary design change. Reuters reported that:

New Apple iPhone fails to wow investors, fans

Apple’s share price dipped only slightly (-$2.10 or -0.56%) despite this reported “failure to wow.”

You might expect Sprint to be considered a big winner now that it will be able to sell an iPhone to its customers. Its much depressed share price saw a bit of a bump up (+13 cents or +4.76%). However, there are concerns about Sprint’s committment to buy 30.5 million iPhones with a $500 subsidy for each one.

Sprint confirms plan to sell iPhone

You might think that one loser would be Research in Motion (RIM) whose BlackBerry smartphone has moved from a mobile platform marketshare leader to a laggard. Although its share price dipped significantly through the early afernoon (Eastern time), it rallied to show a gain (+50 cents or +2.44%) by the end of the day. The rally, it should be noted, started after Apple’s presentation had completed.

RIM shares yo-yo on speculation, Apple event