Post-I.M. Pei Debacle, NYU Unveils New Expansion Plans

After being forced to scrap their expansion plans last November at the behest of I.M. Pei so as to not upset his 1966 Silver Towers complex, NYU has just unveiled their new plans for the central Washington Square area. While far less towering than the idea before it, the new plan still calls for a massive construction effort (labeled by NYU as a series of “superblocks”), building no fewer than 10 new structures, some as tall as 27 stories, with lots of landscape architecture and attractive through-ways in between. What’s more, the new layout seems like it’s trying hard to appease anyone and everyone, saying that all the building will both benefit the school and the community (with “the creation of playgrounds and a dog run”), everything “built without the use of eminent domain and without any residential tenant relocation,” no angering Pei anymore with careful height restrictions already in place, and they’re even planning to build a new public school for the city, and who wants to argue with or deny someone who wants to build you a school? The thing we’re most excited about, and we absolutely refuse to believe it’s just a test rendering, is the new “Lorem Ipsum Garden.” Please oh, please, NYU, make this a reality. It would make all of our stupid hopes and dreams come true.