Post: Ha, Ha, We’ve Got Later Deadlines

The D.C. Council’s late night vote on the baseball stadium lease agreement gave the Washington Post an opportunity to show off just how late their publishing deadlines are.

Both the Examiner and Washington Times went to print with headlines telling of the Council’s earlier rejection on Tuesday of the lease agreement (which occurred at 8:40pm). The Express sat on the fence and went to print by shoving the story deep inside the paper and reporting that the Council’s decision was still up in the air. Only the Post got the Council’s 12:40am decision into their paper.

> UPDATE: Upon further review, it seems as if the Express was the most behind the story. Their story on Page 9 didn’t even report the Council’s 8:40pm rejection of the lease agreement.

> UPDATE: An alert reader from Frederick, MD points out that not all Post editions featured that midnight deal. Earlier editions of the paper had the Council rejecting lease and negotiations continuing into the night.