Post = Greatest Paper Ev-ER!

Official Post Cheerleader Deborah Howell thinks the Post did the most fantastic job last year and offers up a gushing congratulatory column this weekend about the Post’s albeit impressive tally of four Pulitzers: “At other papers, winners and editors often stand on desks amid spewing champagne. Not at The Post. The ceremony was dignified and [Len Downie] formal: ‘It is one of the great days in the history of this great newspaper.'”

After profiling each of the winners, Howell ends, “Monday ended with a party on the roof of the Hay-Adams Hotel, overlooking the White House and downtown Washington. For a day, there were no falling circulation numbers or angry bloggers or disappointed readers. Only celebration. Then back to work.”

Ever wonder if Howell and Harriet Miers get together to gush:

HM: “Deb, don’t you think George Bush is the greatest president ever?”

DH: “Right-a-roonie Harriet! We’re just so lucky that the world’s greatest newspaper gets to cover him.”