Post Event Press Interview

Mark Zuckerberg, Benjamin Link and Chamath are available for questions. Mike Arrington first asks when they plan on launching the payment platform. Mark Zuckerberg reponds “I wish I knew.” Eric Eldon of Venturebeat asks about how they are selecting applications which they end up shutting down. According to Ben Ling it is based on a history of violations. Jesse Stay asks, “When can we start working with the iphone integration?” Robert Scoble asks about improvements to the messaging capabilities. Mark Zuckerberg says they will.

Someone from asks “How does Facebook make money?” Mark Zuckerberg says that they aren’t currently focused on monetization and instead are focused on building out the platform and reach. Mark Zuckerberg gives a relatively non-answer to one of the questions and says he says there will be a decentralization.

Journalist from Forbes asks whether or not Facebook will be joining OpenSocial. Mark Zuckerberg says he’ll comment on that when they have something to say. The Forbes journalist asks a question about Facebook’s actions against clone sites. A Facebook communications person says they are not supportive of imitation but instead innovation. Vasanth from Alley Insider asks about the Open Web Foundation. ABC7 asks about whether or not they see Facebook moving further into business networking. Mark Zuckerberg says that applications will eventually help people share in a business context as well.

Someone from asks if they plan on taking a cut of any virtual goods revenue coming through the site. Mark Zuckerberg says all of the questions regarding monetization says that they haven’t figure out the optimal way yet. Scoble asks if we are going to see a significant increase in the number of things that can be imported into the site. Mark says they will be adding to that over time. Robert Scoble follow-up with a question about something related to data swapping inside and outside of Facebook but Zuckerberg doesn’t seem to understand.