Post Design School Debacle, James Dyson Ready to Get Back to His ‘Awards’


Now that James Dyson‘s school building plans have sunk into the river like so many hypothetical Dyson Schools of Design Innovation possibly would have, Design Week is reporting that the design guru is going to start pouring all of his efforts back into his James Dyson Awards, which he just launched the 2009 model of this week. And in the effort to build it up, they’ve decided to launch with a big design workshop and also take a page from the Cooper-Hewitt and this time include a people’s choice award. Here’s a bit:

A spokeswoman for Dyson says, ‘We are publicising the award with a workshop, to give a flavour of what we are doing in schools, and we have changed the format to create a truly global award.’

‘The school isn’t happening, but we have other plans to reveal in due course. Nothing will be decided for a while yet, but rest assured that this isn’t the end of our education efforts,’ she adds.

Is that a hint that the school might be heading to the US as threatened before?