Unveils “onBeing”

From the release:

    People can’t get enough visual content. In keeping true to this emerging trend, today unveiled a compelling new multimedia feature, “onBeing,” that presents the musings, attitudes, passions and quirks of people in a unique, documentary style.

    Leveraging the strengths of the Web, “onBeing” features extremely insightful and intimate storytelling filmed in a simple, uncomplicated manner.

    The viewer experience is intensified thanks to a sophisticated video player that offers users the ability to download videos in multiple formats, access them on any desired device and share them via e-mail, while simultaneously fostering the involvement and creation of community by encouraging viewer comments.

    The initial four “onBeing” segments spotlight a veritable mixture of individuals, all of whom have something to teach us by sharing their experiences:

    a nun who discusses a “tug in her heart” that sparked her life’s work;
    a law student turned cheese-maker;
    a seven year old boy who exhibits wisdom beyond his years; and
    a man who describes being “different” as a gay Mormon.

    The videos can be found at, where new content will be added every Wednesday.