Sort Of Ready to Launch Blogroll

From their email:


    You are receiving this email because you submitted your blog to become a member of the Blogroll Program. If you are on this list mistakenly or no longer wish to participate, please respond to

    Since our first announcement in August, we have been working diligently with our platform partner, ADiFY, to build out the infrastructure to support the program. We apologize for the long silence, but are very excited to say that our systems are in place and we are sorting through the 1,200+ blogs that were submitted to us.

    We will be working on Business related blogs first, and will get through the entire list soon. We will be in touch with everyone as quickly as possible.

    A few points to express:
    -We have launched a blog about the program at
    -A directory where we will promote all member blogs, sorted by category, can be found at: You may notice that we have not added any new blogs to the program beyond the original 3 beta partners. That process is beginning now.
    -The Blogroll Index on the homepage of will continue to promote all member blogs on a randomly rotating basis.
    -We have changed the official name of the program from Blogroll to WPNI Blogroll. If you don’t know much about WPNI, we wrote a post in the blog to help.

    Please visit the blogroll blog or subscribe to our feed ( for more updates.


    The WPNI Blogroll Team