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The anonymous comments are rolling in…

  • Regarding the poster who says show me one journalist who hasn’t gotten something terribly wrong, there are hundreds of them in Washington alone. But they aren’t invited to go on TV or to the White House Correspondents dinner or to take a job at Politico, so you’ve never heard of them. They’re the ones the newspaper business is getting rid because journalism no longer values people with experience or track records of success.

  • Post admits getting its news from Politico. Then points the finger and pulls the story when it turns out incorrect? SHAME!

  • Howie: step up and publicly apologize to The Politico. Be a man, hater!

  • So The Washington Post has a “tool” problem? Can’t they control their tools…doesn’t pass the smell test if you ask me!

  • HomePageTool-gate!

  • Oh really??? “POLITICO EXCLUSIVES | RSS Edwards To Continue Campaign”

  • What Brady calls “a total tool error”? More like an error by a total tool — just swallow your pride and fess up to jumping the gun on this story, just as Politico did.

  • Looks like 51 second egg in The Post’s face.

  • um, ok. its great that is admitting its mistake. but, i’ve worked on the homepage there. it’s not on a self-publish system. nothing goes out on the news table unless someone tells it to. I mean, someone could hit the button by accident, sure, but it doesn’t happen without someone pressing something…

  • I’m just reading all this so let me try to recap…The Politico posted a blog entry based on bad info from a source, updated the post to reflect the emerging doubts, ultimately admitting their mistake and being upfront with what happened. The Washington Post published the same false headline on their website, then apparently tried to take it down before too many people noticed. The Post then proceeded to completely trash The Politico, then blames their own screw-up on a technical glitch? Sounds like first-rate hypocrisy if I’ve ever heard it.

  • Big, big, big, big difference between screw up and Politico… Post posted an errant, pre-written headline… Politico published a flat out wrong story… One is a flaw in technology.. The other is a serious flaw in journalism..

  • I don’t buy Jim Brady’s explanation for a minute. Every time I have published something on a website I have had to physically promote a file to the live server. Otherwise, the file doesn’t get up there. How else does a file go live unless somebody pushes the publish button? I remember a math teacher in high school who refused to let his students do their homework using calculators. Why? Although calculators never make mistakes, the humans programming them do. Jim would have done better by attributing this to human error.

  • Regarding the Edwards story mess: Well, from a veteran reporter’s stance, one main question is: Who was the source? How highly-placed and informed was the source? And if the source is highly-placed and in a position to know–why the hell did he get it wrong? the source, and the reporter, blew it big-time. Also, did the reporter contact the Edwards camp before going to press? That’s just standard journalism. However, it should be noted that this is the second major flub by the Politico in just two weeks–that’s not good. Along with overly-hyped and dumb radio ads, and two major reports blown by inaccuracy, there does seem to be an air of desperateness at this web site. Just report the news! And take those dumb radio ads off the air!

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