Commenters Pan Website Redesign

If the comments are any indication, the Post’s website redesign is a huge flop. Some of the comments include:

    the new home page is terrible. The one force commercial keeps popping up all over the place, all you have done is create more adveristing space. WAPO sucks now. Did you hire someone from CNN to design this?

    This is just about the worst transformation of a newspaper web site many of us have seen. The new page is terrible. It is terrible to use, it looks terrible, it’s not user-friendly, you can’t find anything, it’s just horrible. Suddently, the Post web site went from one of the best to an actual terrible one–horrible, even. What on earth were you thinking? Even the pictures, captions, headlines and news listings are terrible. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and the old page was not broken. This one is.

    Simply awful. Go back to the old style/format.

    too much scrolling; too little news; too much white space; definitely a loser!

    Words have not been invented yet to accurately state my level of disgust with this EXTREME DOWNGRADE to the website.