Post-click engagement: Facebook ties for 4th


Shareaholic, a content discovery and sharing platform, found in a recent report that Facebook is lagging behind competing social networks such as Google Plus, LinkedIn and Twitter for post-click engagement.

Shareaholic’s Social Referrals That Matter report tracked six months worth of data — from Sept. 2013 to Feb. 2014 — across more than 200,000 sites reaching more than 250 million unique visitors to get a sense of which social network drives the most engaged visitors. Then, they determined how long users spend post-click when they interact with a social-shared link from a friend. Though Facebook tied in fourth place with Twitter in terms of bounce rate (56.35 percent), Facebook users spend slightly more time on a site post-click than Twitter users — 127.44 seconds vs. 123.10 seconds.

Danny Wong, Shareaholic’s marketing manager, told Inside Facebook:

Facebook users may be suffering from news overload. Their eternally updating feeds make it hard to ever feel ‘caught up’ with everything. There’s too much news to catch up on, so whenever they spot a story, they skim. Of course, the same can probably be said about Google+ and LinkedIn. The only distinction is that Facebook’s sheer size makes it more likely that users’ feeds are flooded faster than user feeds on G+ and LinkedIn. Youtube is in its own category. The channels you follow don’t generally upload a new video every few minutes. Facebook, on the other hand, throws 30 recent news updates in your face before you’re done catching up with the featured news this morning.