Post Celebrates Pulitzers, Part I

Here’s one Postie’s take on the post-Pulitzer Hay Adams soiree last night: “At the Hay-Adams last night, the free booze flowed freely, as did the jokes that so-and-so’s reporting trip was going to be cancelled on account of no money left in the newsroom budget following the party. Downie and Bennett were only slightly amused by the jokes. But they were beaming about the big haul, as were Don Graham and Bo Jones. Festive, collegial atmosphere and an incredible view of the White House, Washington Monument, the Jefferson and OEOB along with the planes landing at National. It felt great to be a Washington Post journalist again.”

Of course there was plenty to celebrate, what with four Pulitzers and all (the most the Post has ever won in a single year, as Howard Kurtz proudly pointed out today.).