Post Buyout Update: Summers Out

K.C. Summers, the Washington Post’s Travel editor, has taken the buyout, FishbowlDC has learned.

The latest tally:

Desson Thompson: Out.

Eve Zibart: Yes.

Richard Harrington: Yes.

Annie Groer: Maybe.

Gene Weingarten: Maybe.

Tamara Jones: Gone.

Susan Schmidt
: Gone.

Tim Page: Gone.

Maralee Schwartz: Gone.

Tom Ricks
tells us “I’ll probably take it, but haven’t yet made a final decision.”

Maybes: Dan Balz and Keith Richburg.

Richburg tells FishbowlDC: “I’m going to bali in early may, so I’m going to sit there looking at a white sand beach and the pacific ocean and then make up my mind.”

Marc Fisher: Maybe.

Lois Romano: Maybe.

What about you, Posties: You or your neighbors considering the buyout? Let us know: