Post Books On Iraq: 4. Christmas Cards From Bush: 0

DCist says:

    “Listen to President George W. Bush on any given day and you’ll probably hear that Iraq is a little messy, but nothing that a little elbow grease and Republican determination couldn’t handle. Listen to the Post’s correspondents and, well, things seem a little less rosy. To date four of the newspaper’s writers have produced books on Iraq, none of which Bush will likely be taking down to Crawford anytime soon…Not that the Bush administration ever much liked the Post — well, except maybe when the paper editorialized in favor of the war — but these books surely won’t bode well for their subscription rates within the Pentagon and the White House. Of course, there’s always the Washington Times, right?”

There’s also Jackie Spinner’s “Tell Them I Didn’t Cry.” Does the Bush administration think that the Post is a bunch of “nattering nabobs of negativity”?

>UPDATE: Even more Post books! Who can forget Anthony Shadid‘s “Night Draws Near.”