Post.Blog Comments Back

All of you disgruntled Post haters who think that Deborah Howell should be “medicinally removed” or that Jim Brady is a “twit without a functioning brain“…today’s your day: Comments will again be allowed on the Post’s blog.

…with some exceptions. Washington Post Continuous News Editor Rajiv Chandrasekaran laid them out:

    — A profanity filter to automatically block messages with offensive content.

    — The ability to block the Internet (IP) addresses of people who persist in trying to post inappropriate material.

    — The assignment of staffers to read every message that comes into the blog.

    — The immediate removal of messages deemed to be offensive or inappropriate.

    — The posting on of a new comments policy.


    · Tough criticism is welcome; personal attacks on writers or other readers are not.

    · No use of profanity is permitted.

    · You may not pose as someone else when posting.

So far, a whopping 8 comments to the’s post on the subject, and it’s unclear whether the low number is due to an overwhelming number of profane comments or because people have written off.

It only took three comments for someone to go Back to the Future:

    Now that the microphone is back on, shall we resume where we left off?

Not missing a beat, they proceeded to, literally, take up the issue of Jack Abramoff yet again.

>UPDATE: Gary Van Ess, a reader from Green Bay, Wisc., writes in with some perspective. “People have written off. Brady and Howell are the wrong types to be in charge of this potentially gigantic media tool. They do not ‘get it’. Now if the right person were running the show, they would welcome any and all comments, in whatever honest form they took. I know I would, if I were at all interested in what my audience wanted, or was interested in. Swearing would be the least of my worries. There would be no censorship, period. Brady and Howell are now seen, in their supreme arrogance, as enemies of the authentic blogging universe…Post.Blog? – history as a valid blog.