Post Announces New Political Researcher

(You mean “new intern”? Just kidding, Alice!)

From an internal notice sent to FishbowlDC:<UL

We're thrilled to announce that Alice Crites will become the new national political researcher. Alice has been investigative’s crack researcher for he better part of the last decade, where she has worked on three Pulitzer-winning series, on reckless shootings by DC police (1999), DC’s homes for the mentally retarted (2000) and the Abramoff lobbying scandals (2006). Among her other accomplishments as a sleuth she also helped find the Unabomber’s first girlfriend, spy Robert Hanssen’s exotic dancer and Ann Coulter’s real age. She was also an invaluable boost to the paper’s coverage of the Lewinsky scandal and worked at Congressional Research Service. Alice is now eager to turn her eye toward the free-for-all presidential campaign of 2008, where she has many exciting ideas for how to harness the flood of information to our coverage and looks forward to working closely with David Broder, Dan Balz and the rest of our political team. We’ll welcome her right after Labor Day.