Post Announces Editor Changes in Financial

From the release:

    After a terrific run as Washbiz editor, Nancy Szokan will take a break this summer, starting June 18, but will hopefully return in the fall to work a few days each week. Her temporary departure will give us an opportunity to shift some editing responsibilities, as we move editors to play to their strengths and their interests. Here are our staff changes, which will take place on June 11:

    * Mike Shepard will become Washbiz editor, where his knowledge of local companies and local news will be a huge asset.

    * Steve Levingston, who has a strong interest in markets and personal
    finance from his days at the Wall Street Journal, will become the Sunday Business editor and run our markets coverage.

    * Andy Mosher, a talented assignment editor who misses working closely with reporters, will become the national business editor.

    * Sara Goo, who has been aggressively driving our Internet strategy,
    will become our continuous news/ web projects/ day editor.

    * Sam Diaz, whose enormous knowledge about the world of blogs, wireless and social networking has been a huge asset to the section, will return as assistant tech editor after a temporary reporting stint. He will help edit tech stories, be our lead blogger and host our podcasts.

    We’re excited about this strong team and happy we were able to
    accommodate their interests.