Post-announcement iPad Rumor Round-up – Yes, There Are Still iPad Rumors to Spread

OK, here we go with more Apple iPad rumors… Wait, what’s that you ask? Didn’t Apple announce the iPad last week? How can there be new rumors? Hey, a little thing like an actual announcement doesn’t slow down Apple rumors! 🙂

So, here we go with new rumor #1 from TechCrunch…

Rumor: Apple Has Another Tablet In The Works. More Like A Mac Than An iPhone.

A full Mac OS X power tablet (vs. iPhone OS) would be just the thing for power users. But, the rumor of a 15.4 inch tablet display is just silly. That is just too big. How would it even be carried comfortably and safely? That said, I miss the old 12-inch iBook that I used years ago and would love to have something in the iBook form factor (with keyboard) with a touch screen.

New rumor #2 comes from a blog I’ve never read before “Mission:Repair Blog” which shows photos of what the author claims to be an iPad frame. The interesting thing here is that this frame has a spot for camera exactly the size of the camera in a Unibody MacBook.

iPad Camera rumor becoming a reality? We think so.

Wishful thinking or fact? And, whatever happened to the iPod touch with a camera?

Finally, new rumor #3 comes to us from Silicon Alley Insider by way of Fox News’ Clayton Morris…

iPad For Verizon Is Happening, Verizon Source Says

Really? Verizon? Again? Unnamed sources? I pass on this one. Here’s what I think. Verizon will eventually sell the iPhone and iPad. But, it won’t be announced or become reality until mid-year (think Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference timeframe).

So, there you have it! Post-announcement iPad rumors. Now, go get a cup of coffee and have a great day.