Possible iPhone App Tools to Work With JIRA for Issue Tracking

Atlassian Offers a suite of applications to help manage software development collaboration. I’ve been coming up to speed using their JIRA issue tracking project for the past couple of months. I made a quick survey of iPhone JIRA clients to see if one of these apps could help me work with JIRA while mobile.

I found 4 JIRA clients in the iTunes App Store…

2.5 stars: JIRA Mate Free

1.5 stars: iJira – Jira Client $9.99

(Insufficient ratings for an average): goJIRA $1.99

1.5 stars: iPocketJira Free Free

Unfortunately, none of them stood out from the simple perspective of looking at average user review ratings. However, the goJIRA product which currently doesn’t have any user reviews at all looks like a possible starting point just based on the information I see presented in its screenshot samples.

Although I’m not currently using Atlassian’s Confluence (an enterprise collaboration tool that can work with JIRA), if you are, there is a single app in the iTunes App Store that works with it. You can find it at:

3.5 stars: Mini Confluence $4.99