Portrait: Coudal Partners

This Chicago agency got rid of its clients and went entrepreneurial


Who Top row, l. to r.: Jim Coudal, Matthew Jorgensen, Joe Dawson Jr., Bryan Bedell; bottom, l. to r.: Michele Seiler, Trina Foresman, Steve Delahoyde

What Advertising, design and interactive studio

Where Chicago

Coudal Partners might be the first agency that’s proud to have lost all its clients. Not lost, exactly—purged. The seven-person studio, led by Jim Coudal, got rid of its paying clients (whose capriciousness was always a looming threat) to develop its own businesses. Chief among them are Field Notes, exquisitely crafted memo books inspired by ornate pocket ledgers of yore, and The Deck, an online ad network for design, Web and creative types. The agency’s own site, Coudal.com, continues to be a destination for like-minded souls. Stop by Fridays for their contest, Layer Tennis, the most fun you can have with your Photoshop on. (Note: Layer Tennis is on hiatus but will hopefully return soon.) More in the video below:

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