Portio: Mobile Messaging to Hit $224 Billion by 2013

Texters of the world, unite: A new Portio Research says that mobile messaging revenues will grow from $130 billion in 2008 to $224 billion by 2013, which will keep it at the top of the list of drivers for mobile data revenue growth overall.

Of that total, the majority of it is for SMS text messaging. “SMS has generated revenues of 89 billion USD in 2008, and the world has seen traffic of almost 3.5 trillion SMS messages in 2008,” the report said. “Our forecasts predict that SMS will become a 100 billion USD business by 2010, and worldwide total traffic will reach almost 5 trillion messages in FY 2011, and growth will continue from there.”

The report also said that MMS, or picture messaging, is “finally coming into its own” after years of delayed growth and predictions that it would be the “next SMS.” 2009 will mark the first time MMS revenues exceed 30 billion, which was the size of the entire messaging market back in 2004.