Portfolio’s Jack Flack to NYTimes.com

Paul Pendergrass, a.k.a. PR blogger “Jack Flack” is leaving his post at Portfolio.com to join the New York Times Dealbook blog. We’re told his first item will be an open letter to Hank Paulson–not exactly new ground for him, though things are moving so quickly his post on September 19th seems in need of an update already.

He may also have an article in the Dealbook print supplement tomorrow as well. We’re not clear yet on if this will be the letter to Paulson, or a different piece.

Pendergrass occupies rare territory in PR–one who both practices corporate PR, and blogs about the business under the banner of a mainstream media outlet, rather than on an agency’s site.

According to a Q&A with PRWeek a year ago, longtime experience with Coca-Cola, followed by time at the helm of his own consultancy has sharpened his gimlet eye. Our source tells there was no ill will with Portfolio or Conde Nast, merely that his contract ran out.

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