Portfolio To Delve Into Steinbrenner’s ‘Dementia’

‘Skin looks as if a dry-cleaner bag has been stretched over it’

For the upcoming September issue of Portfolio, Franz Lidz is doing a piece on George Steinbrenner‘s alleged rapidly declining health. Steinbrenner, by all accounts, is suffering from senile dementia. Steinbrenner is reportedly not involved in day to day operations at all. SportsByBrooks managed to score an advance copy of the piece:

His body is bloated; his jawline has slackened into a triple chin; his skin looks as if a dry-cleaner bag has been stretched over it. Steinbrenner’s face, pale and swollen, has a curiously undefined look. His features seem frozen in a permanent rictus of careworn disbelief.

Steinbrenner, according to Lidz, confusedly replies “Great to see ya,” to nearly every question asked of him. A fierce behind the scenes battle is taking place for control of the Yankees empire, with son Hank Steinbrenner considered the most likely successor.

Meanwhile, today’s Post is covering the same story. Even Howard Rubenstein was quoted. Rubenstein, by the way, reps both Steinbrenner and the Post.