Portal Ads Remain Effective

Even though portals tend to be less central than they used to be, they are still highly valuable to online advertisers. For example, brand marketers looking for robust reach continue to spend significantly on portal sites.
For many marketers, continued ad spending on portals may not be trendy, but it is often effective because of the voluminous traffic to those sites, according to eMarketer.

Large portals give marketers the chance to reach a large audience more simply than is sometimes the case with ad networks.

Further, even as people spend more time on social media sites, the tendency toward using only a few main destinations is much the same as it was five years ago.

All told, the top portals accounted for more than $13 billion in ad dollars last year — more than half the total of $23.5 billion for the entire Internet. Look for that trend to continue over the next few years.