Porsche Unveils Plans for New Atlanta-Based Headquarters, Test Track in California

Back in May of this year, the automotive arm of Porsche announced that it was planning to build a sprawling new headquarters for its US division in Atlanta (pdf), complete with a “Customer Experience” test track. Built upon the bones of a long-closed Ford plant, the airport-adjacent new campus project was originally intended to break ground sometime in the fall of this year, with a planned opening of late 2013. That construction effort start date has now been pushed back until early next year, but as consolation, the company has unveiled a few early renders from its selected design firm, HOK (interesting to hear that name connected to something other than stadium building, isn’t it?), as well as some additional details on what they have planned (for one, from the air, the campus will resemble the Porsche logo). At the same time, the company also announced that it plans to open another, and larger, “Customer Experience” center in Carson, California, near the intersection of Los Angeles’ high-traffic 405 and 110 freeways. Designed by Cooper Carry, the 53-acre site will offer up a large test track and handling course (where potential buyers can drive fast without concern of police interaction), as well as a restaurant, gift shop, and meeting facilities. This California location and the one next to their new headquarters in Atlanta will mark the first two of these sorts of complexes in the US, with three already functioning in Germany, the UK, and China.