Porsche Phones Continue Wireless Fashion Obsession

Hot on the heels of fashion-themed phones from Juicy Couture, Beyonce, Prada, and other top names comes two Porsche Design models. LetsGoMobile posted some photos of the razor-sharp (no pun intended) clamshell and swivel phones, which incorporate high-end detailing such as black glass, brushed aluminum, and fancy OLED screens.

As cell phones pile on more and more features, there’s increasing demand for simple voice phones–albeit ones that exude style and look markedly different from the garden-variety, low-end “free” phones that carriers offer as part of their two-year contract deals. Some of these phones still offer comprehensive mobile media capabilities, but the emphasis is on design, not features, regardless of how the carriers advertise them.

Sagem Porsche phone [LetsGoMobile]