Popular Social Games Inspire New Wave of Fan Blogs

Pet Society AnonymousForget us boring industry news sites, there’s a new class of game blogger out there, and it’s made up of devoted players who start blogs for their favorite social games. There are, of course, blogs for most anything you can think of.  So, what’s especially interesting is how many there are for top social games, and how high the quality is — especially when you consider that these are games already designed for socializing. It’s not like you need to start a blog to help you find like-minded social game players.

We’ve mentioned a few here on Inside Social Games. Soyon Im, the author of Pet Society Anonymous, a blog dedicated to Playfish’s virtual pet-caring game, penned a great article for us last month about addicted social gamers. We’ve cited the blog FarmVille Freak for its coverage of how a charitable virtual good works in Zynga’s virtual farming game. Farmville Freak

Here’s a list of some social gaming blogs we’ve seen out there for a few popular games, with the criteria for making the list being that the blog is regularly updated, and dedicated to a single social game. The list is by no means complete, so let us know if there are more games and blogs you think we should add.

Pet Society, by Playfish:

FarmVille, by Zynga:

Mobsters, by Playdom

SuperPoke Pets, by Slide